Home Heating Oil Alternatives

Many people of this day and age are looking towards home heating oil alternatives.

With the recent hike in gas prices and oil, the discussion of home heating oil alternatives have come to the forefront. Alternatives for oil in the past were not looked into properly, but with price hikes and environmentally unfriendly substances in use today, this topic is getting a new life. Heating from wood during the last five decades or so have been replaced by furnaces that run on oil or gas. Attractive stoves have come into play where many people opt to provide a warm and cozy ambiance to their fireplace and surrounding rooms. With the latest trend of central heating, these furnaces function for many hours before needing to be re-stoked.

Using Pellet Stoves

Pellet stoves are the newer version of old wood stoves mainly used by your grandparents. Wood has always been a good furnace option, but pellet stoves brings about more efficiency as it produces more heat than the wood stove. Pellets are usually made with wood chips, corn kernels, nutshells and sawdust. These are materials generally used by people to fill in lands. Some analysts state that pellet stoves are far more environmentally friendly than wood stoves.

Using Bio-Fuels

many homeowners use bio-fuels as home heating oil alternatives. Bio-fuels are extracted from soy plants and corn plants and even waste from restaurants. Bio-fuel is sometimes added with gasoline. It can also be mixed with heating oil you use at home. You can attempt using a combination of bio-fuel and regular oil for the heating system at home using a waste oil heater. Bio-fuels of the next generation will be extracted from more woody material and are on its way to being more beneficial and useful than the ones used nowadays.

Using Geothermal

A geothermal is a system for cooling and heating your home and another home heating oil alternative. The geothermal works rather naturally, where it makes use of the temperature underground of the first ten feet. The geothermal is able to maintain this temperature during the entire year, providing cool air during warm, summer months and warm air during chilly, winter months. When using the geothermal you have to lay down pipes underground, which is what brings this heat exchange from the earth to your home. This is a great investment for homeowners, and you will see positive returns within the next five years.

Propane & Natural Gas

Natural gas is considered to be a fossil fuel, but is less expensive than oil. Natural gas doesn’t make too much of a mess when it burns. Natural gas is linked directly to your home, unlike oil which is brought by the oil truck. While making changes to your furnace may be costly, it will save you much money in the long run. If your area is unable to support natural gas, why not opt for propane which similar to oil is delivered in a truck. Propane is stored in large outside tanks. If you prefer holding on to your oil furnace, why not fit a propane furnace in another area of your house which is considered to be great home heating oil alternatives.

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