Energy Efficient Heating

It’s a sad reality, but few people know about energy efficient heating devices or systems, and there are even fewer people who actually use them. If you had no clue how much energy your household is wasting, you might have a shock: nearly half of all the energy in your home goes “down the drain,” due to the lack of energy efficient heating solution.

If you plan on changing this, here are some energy efficient heating tips that should do the trick for you.

Before you can start using some energy efficient heating devices like a waste oil heater, you need to make a full house inspection and indentify all the outside air sources. You can use some incense sticks, light them and look for air leaks; make sure you choose a windy day for the inspection and go around all your windows and doors, fireplaces and walls.

You’ll certainly be surprised to see how many draft areas you’re hosting inside your home. Once you manage to identify most of these sources, a great energy efficient heating solution is to use some silicone caulk and some weather-stripping or door sweeps. If your problems seem to be more serious, you can make full use of insulating foam.

The great thing about most of these energy efficient heating solutions is the fact that they do not require a lot of trouble to be installed. For instance, door sweeps need to be placed under the door, and have the excess length cut off using a hacksaw. With only a few screws you can hold the door sweep in place.

Another possible source of draft can be found surrounding electric outlets on the walls that are facing outdoors. The best energy efficient heating solution recommended in such cases is to use a simple draft check to identify the problematic outlets. Then you need to plug the outlet with some outlet safety caps which have very reasonable prices and your outlets will be draft-free.

You can also opt for some clever energy efficient heating devices such as plastic windows kits and take care of the glazing issue. These kits are made of plastic film; all you need to do is apply double-sided tape to the frames of your windows and cut the plastic to the right size so you can fix it to the tape. You can finally use a hair dryer to better shrink the plastic sheeting real tight.

A rather peculiar energy efficient heating device is ceiling fans. Contrary to what you might believe at first, you can actually sue these ceiling fans to heat your home. Just think of it this way: a huge amount of heat your regular heating system is being sent towards your ceiling and it is then dissipated into the upper walls and, of course, the ceiling. What you need to do is buy a reversible ceiling fan which will collect all this warm air and send it downwards. You also need to lower your thermostat and you will be amazed when you’ll see your next bill.

There are many energy efficient heating solutions you can use, just think smart and do the proper research.

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