How to Build A Waste Oil Heater

Learn how to Build A Waste Oil Heater and safe the planet

If you consider yourself a great friend of the environment, you need to learn how to build a waste oil heater and increase your contribution to the saving of the planet. You will be able to save thousands of dollars on heating every year, because we all know how expensive electricity, coal and other types of fuels are. Plus, they tend to pollute the environment also, so you could manage to kill two birds with one stone if you knew how to build a waste oil heater.

So if you’re reading this, you’re probably interested to learn how to build a waste oil heater fast and cheap. First, you need to know the type of fuel this oil heater will be using: of course we are talking about used oil which needs to be properly drained in order to considerably heat up a place and not leave any disturbing odors behind.

In conclusion, learning how to build a waste oil heater actually means learning how to save a lot of bucks on expensive fuel and really prove your respect for money and the environment. You will learn to reuse gallons of drain oil that have been recycled and avoid having gallons of fresh petroleum pumped from the ground and processed. Therefore, you will contribute highly to the elimination of and prevention of pollution. So it would seem that learning how to build a waste oil heater is a pretty great deal, and the truth is you’re right. It’s a win-win situation for you, the environment and your family budget.

Now let’s learn how to actually build a waste oil heater in your own backyard.

You’ll need some cheap raw materials such as an old electric water heater – avoid galvanized tanks or choose an electrically fired model.

Once you’ve picked out the perfect electric water heater, you need to take off its sheet metal covering and insulation and identify any rust or splotches.

Once the coast is clear, the next “to do” item on your “how to build a waste oil heater” list is to set the tank up on end think of the best way to completely modify the tank and adjust it to your needs.

Now you need to start the construction of the stove; chalk out three holes in the walls of your heater tank, lay the contained on its side, then torch and saw out the access door.

One you’re done, you can cut the necessary holes for the chimney stacks and the intake.

How to Build A Waste Oil Heater Video Demonstration

Next on your how to build a waste oil heater list we have the hole drilling session. Drill the right holes in the bottom of the container for the pipe stand. The pipe stand will be responsible for supporting the burner assembly. Now it’s time to build the legs of the stove in a vise, and then place them under the stove and drill through the legs and furnace bottom, bolting the legs in place.

Cap all the pipe openings, seal off the heating element holes and unite the walls of the tank. Follow some detailed plans to build the burner assembly and you’re on your way to completely understand how to build a waste oil heater.

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